Music Licensing

Find the tune from the widest variety of genres with the industry’s most intuitive search system. Our music library offers unlimited access to over 600.000 high-end tracks and 100.000 sound effects from award winning labels such as Warner/Chappell, Alibi and De Wolfe Music.

Simply request a login to our music library by visiting or by getting directly in touch with us.

Music Supervision & Styling

Among many other things, music supervision as the art of fulfilling a client’s creative vision – and that’s the approach we take to every project. Whether the job involves clearing music rights, customizing music or simply creative sparring, we just love it when fabulous audio takes your project to a whole new level.

We’ll even save you valuable time and creative energy by finding the right music for you, and we do it completely free of charge!


There’s nothing quite like using your favorite 90’s song in a creative project, is there? We’ll make your dream come true while simultaneously save you a massive amount of hassle. Simply send us your request and we’ll take care of the copyright clearing process from start to finish.

Custom Work

Got a craving for customization? Welcome to the club.

We’ll pair you up with a talented composer, sound designer or performing artist that matches your creative vision and budget. For more about our vast roster, get in touch with one of our music supervisors.

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